The question says it all.

Okay. I’m posting. what do I win?

A theoretical COokie

I am posting. -_-?

Actually, I highly not recommend either of them, because both are almost useless and just a big waste of money. With a KK Ceramic, I’d go buy a Counter Attack instead.

A flat bearing is fine. Or if not a CT bearing. Many people do not favor in KK because it bunchs up the string in the middle, although keeping it away from the sides which to me, makes no difference at all. Ceramic bearings are said to make your yoyo spin longer but really, a good throw makes a yoyo spin longer than you’d think.

Neither is better than another, and in this case, both of them are almost useless. Stick with flat. Or a 10 ball could make your yoyo smoother and quieter. If you have to buy one, I’d recommend either 10 ball or CT bearings.

I’d go for a Terrapin X. You should check it out before you go for one of those in your poll.

Dont waste $$ on those. Get a Terrapin X bearing. there 5 bucks and they spin forever.

In my opinion, The best bearing out there is the AIGR

One drop 10 ball all day long baby!

WOW thanks for all the posts! I think ill make a new poll with the stuff you sugested. I was hoping to buy one on sale, but it may take a while to choose… Or not…

Terrapin X wing chrome is my favorite