Best Bearing for Contests.

What is your favorite bearing for contests?

I do love love love my terrapin x wing ceramics. I noticed that you dont have terrapin split up in ball bearing and ceramic so I just voted terrapin. Also you dont have terrapin regular flats and flat ceramics listed. :-\

You know that bearing that’s currently in your yo-yo? Yeah, that bearing.


I like kk bearings but ill use whatever.

I don’t even do contests, but when I tried it out I dont think the bearing mattered.
I’d like to focus on hitting my tricks right than worrying if I got Crucial Bearing on my PHENOMizm or something.


Ah I see you added the terrapin ball… Cool.

Find what bearing YOU like best, then that’s your answer.

People use anything from stock bearings to shaped bearings(like KK’s, centertracs, grooved), treated bearings and various flats. There’s no definitive right answer, there’s only what’s right for you.

You forgot Chico 10 ball :frowning:
I like Konkaves for metals and Center Tracs for plastics.

I think we pretty much got that. I fail to see why you had to yell that out. Nobody went in that direction and we all voted for our own likes. Chill dude.

I am chill.

Sometimes a direct and blunt approach is exactly what is needed in a given situation.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a massive influx of threads asking the exact same question over and over again recently.

Once people realize “there is no best, there’s only what’s best for that individual”, it would help a lot.

Whatever you feel comfortable with is the best bearing.

I agree studio… But the best string bearing and yoyo questions are never going to go away no matter how hard you try. Theres no need to be direct and blunt because it will never get you anywhere. new yoyo’ers will always have that lack of experience and expertise so they have no option to but to ask what is the best. Thats why we should have patience and understanding for them and just keep explaining it over and over and over. And that patience and understanding is what yoyoexpert is all about. I was just saying that this topic you started in here was not the topic of the original post and that nobody had asked what “THE” best bearing was.

CYYC 10 Balls are OD 10 Balls.

But yeah I like any bearing that is broken in.

None. The best yoyo is a Duncan Exit 8, which takes an A bearing. :wink:

Center Track bearings

Variations on a theme.

It would be nice if people could make an effort and use a search, or see a message thread 3-5 lines down covering the same topic.

Oh, I have patience and understanding. At the same time, when the same stuff is showing up at a rapid fire pace, you have to really question a lot of stuff.

Best bearing for contests is a variation of “best bearing”. Adding a couple of words really is just a disguise for the real point.

Easy answer:
Whatever the yoyo shipped with, use that. They felt it was good enough to sell to you in that yoyo, so clearly it’s the ideal bearing! That’s the best bearing for anything!