Terrapin X ceramic bearing or MinusMike FHZ?


I got some money for Christmas and I bought some yoyos and accessories. I still have $30 left. Should I get a Terrapin X wing ceramic bearing or a MinusMike FHZ? I was leaning toward the FHZ but I’m not sure.


Ceramic bearings aren’t worth it imo. Get the FHZ! THAT is worth it!!!


Bearing or a super cool painted yoyo? Hmmm.


why arent they worth it? i thought they were supposed to be great


I like Terrapin X Bearings and have an S/C bearing. They are nice.

But, you can always get those bearings, or at least I hope so. I really like the Terrapin X products.

But, if you’re going to give me those kind of choices, I’m gonna have to say to take the FHZ!! Then save up, get the Terrapin X A+ Beefcake for it!


Beefcake is not worth it IMO. Just get normal kk after wards instead. I terrapin beefcake set things are Wong cut so the center the string better then normal beef cakes, but it is extremely hard to keep 2 bearings tuned the exact same way. My 4xl has a vibe which is caused by the two bearings not being exactly level. It is just not worth the hastle.

If the terrapins are connected then ignore this post.