bearing assistance?

im looking to buy new size c bearings.
i dont know which perfrom best,
i dont know why but i break yyf bearings easily :confused:
i dont even know how they break.
but does anyone have advice to which ones to buy,
im hoping to buy this evening and was thinking one drop.

They come dry so you need to lube them before you use it.

Get a one drop 10 ball and you will never look back.


Doesn’t make them more likely to break.

I’ve had tons of YYF bearings, none of which have broken. I think you just need to be more careful with your stuff.

None is best. They’re all good, just different.

Please give reasoning to at least back-up your opinion.

Why? Preference wins again.

I’m going with Ape. I’ll say Flat bearing. (preference for me) But any bearing aside the full ceramic bearing is a good bearing.

I like the 10 ball because of the noticeable smoother spins, which I have personal experience with, but yes it is personal preference. However auzzybur asked for advice and I thats what I gave him, I never said that the 10 ball the “best bearing in the world” or that its the only bearing that should be bought and all the others are crap. I did say that he would never look back and what I meant by that was he would not regret spending the money on the 10 ball.

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10 Ball or an AIRG and you’ll be good to go!