chief puffin and sasquacth

I’m getting these three yo-yos, their bearings suck and need to be replaced what type of bearing do you guys recommend for each one?

The bearings in them are really good if you clean them or work the lube in, but anyway, YYR DS bearings, Dif-e-Yo Konkave, and One Drop 10 balls are all great bearings. Maybe buy all 3, and see what you like.

the person on ebay selling them replaced the bearings with shitty bearings because the originals got damaged.

they are yoyorecreation diffusion (con caves) are these decent or should i get new ones?

CTX the type x. 10 ball.

Ive tried the gold ctx, onedrop 10 ball, and terrapin. But the CTX are my favorite. Most CLYW come stock with the CTX

Isn’t that like replacing a broken window with another broken window?

What is the point that of changing out damaged bearings with damaged bearings?

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I once knew a guy who was a glutton for redundancy and now I think it just might be communicable.

One drop 10 balls-- all day every day.

One Drop 10 ball if you like flat, Center Trak if you want grooved.