Terrapin Dry Lube vs One Drop V4M vs MonkeyFinger Gorillius Lubricus

I have used V4M lubricant and have used a couple terrapin bearings pre-coated.
I would like to know everyone’s thoughts and opinions on the three. (and how they compare)
Thanks in advance everyone. (Mod feel free to move this if I posted in the wrong section)

This should be in mods and maintenance.

Depends what you like.

I’ve been doing a lot of bearing cleanings. I’ve been pretty much exclusively using the Terrapin X Dry Play to lubricate the bearings. After cleaning, they ran nice, but after being Terrapin X treated, I can get anywhere frm 8-12 additional seconds of spin on a flick, many bearings spinning around 24 seconds or so. I consider anything over 16 seconds acceptable.

I do have VM4, which I use on my one Drop 10 Ball bearings.

I also use YYJ thick and thin lube, depending on the yoyo.

I will say that the Terrapin X stuff does increase spin times. I don’t understand exactly why or how, but when properly treated, it works great. Spin times are decreased for me when I use VM4 or YYJ thin on a bearing, not by much, but it is decreased.

Thank’s Big O for your intrest.
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