Terrapin dry lube help!!


I recently bought a packet of terrapin dry lube and put it into several of my bearings. I heard to only use a VERY small amount, but for a while I couldn’t even tell if I had put anything in them at all. I put more in, but I am still only getting about 1:30 spin time (just dangling at the end of the string) with an OD ten ball in an OD CHIK!. How do I know I put enough dry lube in?


If it isn’t literally crunchy and hard to spin at first, you didn’t put enough in.

Your initial reaction the first time you do it RIGHT should be, “aw, crap… my bearing sounds ruined!” But then you keep moving it around and the powder breaks down into even finer particulate. It’s a good idea to add a drop or two of acetone from time to time as you work it in. Before TOOoooo long, it’ll just start spinning. A few more “flicks” and suddenly your jaw drops. :wink:

You still shouldn’t expect miracles. It doesn’t take every bearing in the world and turn it into a super bearing. It’s some sort of surface treatment that I don’t quite understand, but which helps the bearing to operate at its maximum potential. Which is going to be different for each bearing.


Well I did this and now my bearing is SUPER loud. Did I put to much. If so how do I clean it again.


If it’s super-loud, either it’s not broken down yet or you’re right and there’s now too much.

Cleaning again: agitate in acetone. If you hold it up to the light you will see black flecks throughout; you may want to discard the acetone (safely) and do another pass to make sure the Dry Play has been rinsed out.


As it states in my add:

Bearing must be exceptionally clean and oil free with a final rinse in acetone prior to application.

Apply a VERY small amount to several of the balls and flick spin on a stick of some sort.

   ( I run the brush on the dust that clings to the side of the container bag)

If too much is applied you will know it, apply a drop of acetone and spin off excess.


Thanks, that seemed to help a lot. One more question. How long is the break in time? The reason I originally was having trouble was because the noise created by the lube wasn’t going away.


There’s no real break in time. By the time you install it back into your yoyo it should already be spinning freely.

It doesn’t magically cure debris or gunk in your bearing. Always start with a perfectly clean bearing.

And it’s not quiet. I would say it’s as loud as a dry (but clean) bearing. The sound should have a distinct metallic “hiss” to it if you’ve done the lube right. But if you need your bearings to be quiet, liquid lube is the only way to fly.


Does this lube cause a short bearing lifespan? I had an OD ten-ball go responsive on me yesterday and I couldn’t clean it out even with hours of acetone soakings. I assume its used up. I had only ben using it for a week or so.


Not that I’m aware of. “Acetone soak” doesn’t sound promising, though. You can’t just let a bearing sit around and expect it to get clean. At bare minimum, you have to shake the schnutz out of that thing in an appropriate container.


That’s what I meant. I would get pretty clean, but there would always be a squeaky sound to it when I would hand spin it on a dowel. (Hand spin like you would to work the terrapin in)


Just my $0.02… I find liquid lube to be much easier to use. One little drop, spin on pencil, done. Quiet bearings, works great, no fuss. I have had the same bottle of One Drop lube for three years and am not close to empty.

Terrapin’s warranty and customer service on bearings, however, is really very good.



Well I cleaned several bearings (including the trouble bearing mentioned earlier) to remove the Terrapin and put in my lube of choice (alcast trumpet valve oil). Now they’re very responsive as suspected. This is fine, but I am new to using wet lube in my OD ten-balls. I have been throwing all day and haven’t really seen much improvement as far as break-in is concerned. How long does it usually take?

NOTE: I put a couple extra pindrops in each because I wanted them extra quiet.


It can take an hour to a couple of days depending on how much you play


I’ve never used trumpet valve oil, but a good thin yoyo lube should not result in responsive bearings if the bearing has been well cleaned.

I would do yourself a favor and just pick up some OneDrop lube and a compressed air can. No break in needed at all.



Please note the YYE add…
“Terrapin has created DryLube, an amazing product to compliment their exceptional bearings. Note - this is for ‘advanced’ bearing modifiers only.”


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