A review on the Terrapin X Dry Lube

Hi throwers, I come with another review:


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I have to say I concur with most of what you said, but I do disagree somewhat. First, you should really have gone into detail on how you were applying the lube. It took me a few tries, but I do believe this dry lube to improve most bearings I use, as long as I just wipe the little brush on the inside of the bag, not the actual lump of powder, and then just touch one ball once on top and once on the bottom for crown cages, and just touch the raceway once on double sided bearing cages. The dry lube does need to break in a minute or two, and it does make a few bearings louder, but I do feel that the spin times usually increase over a freshly cleaned dry bearing.

That being said, good review anyway, I exclusively use dry lube, so of course I know a thing or two that you’d only get after using this stuff for a while, but I gotta say, you described the stuff pretty dead on, except for the fact that I believe you applied too heavily if you didn’t really see the bearings at least spinning quicker if anything.

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I would have to agree with this statement as well.
I’ve been using the Dry Lube for a few years now and have traversed the learning curve of its proper use. I found that it takes VERY small amounts to achieve the best results. Applying to much only creates a mess that generally requires a drop or two of acetone to clean up.

I have elevated many “average” bearings to “above average” by applying Dry Lube. Its even saved a few bearings from the garbage.

I would not hesitate to recommend it anyone who has bearings that need some love.


I’ll edit the review soon to add more details. Unluckily I’m not able to buy acetone in my country as stores mainly sell nail polish remover now with water and other stuff, so I can’t use the recommended procedure which is cleaning with acetone and maybe use a drop of it after applying the dry lube.

Directions from the original add:

Bearing must be exceptionally clean and oil free with a final rinse in acetone prior to application.

          Apply a VERY small amount to several of the balls and  flick spin on a stick of some sort. 

                 ( I run the brush on the dust that clings to the side of the container bag)

          If too much is applied you will know it, apply a drop of acetone and spin off excess.

          NOTE: some have mixed the DryPlay in acetone for application with good results.

          I offer no guarantee with this product as this is what I use.  Results vary with bearing quality and users application skill.

          The packet of DryPlay provided. will treat hundreds of bearings.

Careful using the acetone. It is nasty stuff. There are LOTS of health warnings on the bottle.

Well I try to be pretty neutral in my reviews even if I personally liked the product. This one I liked a lot and almost all my throws are now dry lubed, I also got better at applying it. I just kept some yoyos with liquid lube to reduce noise and play in the night (mainly the ones with 8ball bearings).

I find it odd that you said in your review that it is ‘easier to get right.’ It just isn’t easier than adding a drop of oil. It’s far harder to get right. It took me more than a few attempts to get my bearings operating well with it.