Fav. yoyo oil

Whats your favorite yoyo oil?

Good ol’ thin lube. I’ve had one bottle for about four years and I’l barely halfway through.


I clean my bearing to absolutely clean and dry, then Terrapin X Dry Play treat it.

gorillis lubricus or yoyojam lube

YYJ Thin Lube, whenever my bearing gets crunchy, just put a drop of this onto the bearing and it’s good to go.

OD V4M Lube

I’ve seen you plug this so many times, so i have to ask: how does one go about Terrapin X Dry Play treating a bearing?

Terrapin X has a couple products for lube. I use a dry lube liquid, if that makes any sense. You just dab a bit on the bearing balls. It works. I think Terrapin has one based on graphite as well, though I haven’t tried it.

Thin lube always does the trick for me.

I touch two of the ball bearings with a minuscule drop of thin lube. (I take a needle and drop a small drop on it. Then I touch the bearing.)

First, you need to get the Terrapin X Dry Play material. Contact fjh123 for getting this.

Second, you need to completely clean your bearing. Use whatever you want but your final step will require acetone. Give the bearing a nice acetone bath and get it good and clean and dry.

Touch the applicator into the Dry Play material. Touch that to 1 or 2 balls. Spin. It will sound and feel gritty and chunky and filthy. Blow out the extra using compressed air. Now keep spinning for maybe a minute.The bearing will start slower but get faster and faster. Add a small amount of acetone, spin and repeat as necessary. It takes some practice. A little goes a LONG way.

Brain lube works for me. A couple of drops, and blow it off w/some compressed air.

honestly ive only tried 2 so far, yyf and yyj lube. they work the same in my opinion.

I’ve only tried YYJ lube. It works fine but YYJ is… ew.


Video tutorial:

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I don’t do the liqud version anymore, it evaporated too fast and shipping was a problem.
The dry lube is the same stuff in a powder form. It is not graphite.

I’ll have to check it out next time I’m bearing shopping. I’m pleased with the terrapin x products I’ve used so far.