Terrapin dry play

I was looking on eBay and found terrapin bearings that said they were Dry Play. Does this mean to only use their dry lube, or no lube at all?

It means that they have dry terrapin lube which works kinda the same way as a shuffleboard does it provides a slick surface for the puck to slide down the board, something like that. But once you clean the bearing with acetone or mineral spirits you can use regular lube if you want or use terrapin dry luge again either would work. I don’t believe you can use both terrapin and wet lube at once tho

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The Terrapin X bearings are treated with a powder polymer that is the lubrication. It’s not a liquid, that’s why it’s called “Dry Play”.

They don’t require much maintenance, less than other bearings I’ve had experiences with. However, when you clean your bearing, use acetone, then re-treat your bearing with Dry Play as cleaning will remove the Dry Play treatment from steel bearings. The S/C ceramics are permanently treated and will never need lubrication, but they may require cleaning from time to time(each is different).

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