TerrapinX DryPlay Lube Kit Demo

Hi everybody.
I just received a DryPlay lube kit from Terrapin and did a little unpacking and demo video.
Pretty amazing stuff.


Did you say you apply acetone after applying terrapin coating?

John suggests adding a couple of drops after if too much of the lube material was used. I’ve found this to be very successful.

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Thanks for the clarification. I know you’re not supposed to use acetone on bearings you buy from John, so I was confused that you would use acetone after applying the coating yourself. I’m gonna have to try it out! I thought the kit was meant for lubing the Terrapin bearings you buy from John. My mistake.

John actually recommends acetone over mineral spirits. Though maybe not for ceramic(?)

I could be wrong (I think I killed 10% of my brain with acetone fumes), however he’s who got me started using acetone for cleaning instead of mineral spirits.

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Acetone will remove all traces if existing oil on a bearing. It will also remove the existing treatment on a TX DryPlay steel bearing.
However when applying the DryPlay dust it will thin out and disperse it evenly with a small drop and a flick or two on the stick.

TX S/C ceramics are best cleaned with acetone when needed. It dries very quickly and leaves nothing behind.

Thanks for the clarification.

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