Terrapin Dry Lube question

Just wondering… what else could you use instead of acetone when the dry lube clunks up in the bearing(I heard water dilutes it so I’m wondering)

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Acetone works best, if you lemme at it for a day ill do it for ya! Or you could bye the 100% acetone at walgreens for like $5.

Be careful with the acetone if you get some. The fumes are not good for you, and if you accidentally get some on the wrong surface, it will eat away at it (ie. the finish on a table; the melamine on a laminate counter-top). It’s also highly flammable.

Neither water nor acetone “dilute” the DryPlay. DryPlay is made up of very very (VERY!) fine particles. As they move around in the bearing, they are crushed and get even finer. But they are not soluble the way salt or sugar are.

Distilled water would be more useful for rinsing the bearing out from scratch to that you can start over. Make sure you dry it properly if you use water. I suppose it could be used to help distribute the DryPlay… wouldn’t be my first choice. Without trying it, I imagine that it will probably create some DryPlay mud pockets™.

Acetone can be used to clean OR distribute the acetone. Since it evaporates quickly, it only leaves the DryPlay behind. That’s why it comes recommended.

Could probably follow the acetone steps using Mineral Spirits. They don’t evaporate as quickly, but certainly more quickly than water. Just exercise some patience. Don’t expect it to all work in 30 seconds.

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I’ve tried water and dishwashing soap, and then dried it by spinning it on a paintbrush while blowdrying it. didn’t work too well, but if you don’t have acetone, it’s a substitute I suppose.

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