Acetone bearing cleaning


I was watching a video online and the person said “I clean my bearing in acetone”, I have loads Of acetone at my house and I could use it I am just wondering if it is useful to clean my bearing so I don’t damage my bearing if so could you tell me all the steps to cleaning the bearing


Follow it up with some Terrapin X Dry Play bearing lube.

That should be a hint and a half that acetone can be a good cleaner.

I’m intending to test on a bearing with this soon. I’m gonna clean it really good with mineral spirits, dry it out really good and then play it for a little bit. Then, clean it with acetone and use the dry play bearing lube, put the shields back in and never worry about it ever again!

I have to get me some acetone!


Could I just use yyj thin lube



But, I’d recommend you instead use mineral spirits to clean your bearing, dry thoroughly and then use YYJ thin lube. You can substitute lighter fluid for mineral spirits. Skip the acetone.

The Terrapin X Dry Play Lube is only $5! It requires that you clean using acetone.


chemically speaking, acetone should work well. ive used it hundreds of times and never had a problem (except the time i accidently left my bearing in the soak for 2 hours. that destroyed it).

mineral spirits and lighter fluid are very heavy solvents. so is acetone. all you really need to clean your bearing is a good solvent. even rubbing alcohal could work.

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Soap and water never fails on stainless either…


The only problem w/acetone is that it evaporates fast. This has the possibility of leaving residue in the bearing that may ultimately have adverse effects.

Here’s what Mr. Difeyo has to say about bearing care:

He knows his stuff.

My own preference is zippo lighter fluid or mineral spirits.


What difference does it make how fast it evaporates. If there is residue on the bearing it simply was not cleaned well.


Soap and water never fails on stainless either…

NO!!! Stainless steel is just rust resistant. Stainless steel can still rust. Every time I’ve tried to clean a stainless steel bearing with water, the bearing became loud and responsive.


I use just thin lube, have for years now, and my 09’ severe gets 4 min spins on a drop. Never have a bearing fail. I just don’t see the need to add harsh chemicals too a process where they are not needed. If you are going too use a dry lube it is important too get all other lube out, so chemical processing is likely required.


Thx for all the tips, but could you add all the specific step’s because I have a hard time taking every one tips so just do it as if you were reading an instruction book because all I have right now is acetone, evoporates fast and thin lube so please leaving specific instructions

Thx, Floosh

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Funny, it always works for me. And John from Terrapin X washes his bearings with dish detergent and water first. Well…, so he said on another forum.