Best Stuff to use to clean bearing?

Right now I am using ronsonol lighter fluid to clean my bearing but I was wondering if there is anything better or if it is just preference? Thank you before hand.

Ronsonol is my preferred solvent. I find it to be easy to handle. Sometimes I will use mineral spirits. It’s mostly preference. Some people like acetone or alcohol.

I use acetone followed by either thin lube or terrapin dry lube. Thin lube makes for quiet bearings, dry lube is a bit noisier, but, spin times are good.

Don’t put thin lube and dry lube in at the same time, and you just need a very small amount of whatever lube you choose.

there is a pic in my thread Bearing Cleaning 101, that will show you about just how much lube you should use when you put it in your bearing. Hope this helps.

Yea I saw it today

Little paper triangles that you can stick in between the balls of the bearing

If you use TX dry lube and it is a bit loud, add a drop of acetone and flick it dry.
It will be quiet and spin longer.

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Use my bearing cleaning 101 thread to really clean and lube your bearing properly. Its all Pic by Pic.

Pure Acetone. Cheap, and super effective. Evaporates quickly, leaves no residue, did I mention cheap?

Thank you for the tip!