Acetone vs. mineral spirits

I have a Dark Magic 2 and my dad has a Hitman Pro. We have been using mineral spirits and I believe it has been working pretty well. I have been hearing many things about acetone though, so I was wondering if I should change and why it could/ would be better.

I usually use lighter fluid. But once I use acetone, that stuff left my bearing smelling rancid. It was so potent. I like using stuff that is odor free or has a low odor.

If you’re using mineral spirits, stick with it. Acetone tends to evaporate quickly and can leave a residue in the bearing as a result.

I clean in mineral spirits, then acetone, because after I’m done cleaning, I Terrapin X treat the bearings. I’m also finding out at least in my experience that this seems to be the “magic solution” that does it for me.

Lighter fluid, mineral spirits and acetone are the recommended materials. I think for “quantity vs. Money”, acetone and mineral spirits go back on forth as to what is the better value. Each works fine.

Whereas mineral spirits and acetone can leave behind a residue, denatured alcohol doesn’t.

Wash in acetone/ms THEN denatured alcohol.

Acetone leaves nothing behind, if you had cleaned it properly.
All traces of grease and oil are removed.
MEK works well too.

Are you sure? I remember testing it out on a small pane of glass and saw some residue. Or maybe that was the mineral spirits…Idk it was a while ago.


If you think about this it makes no sence at all.

acetone completely evaporates. that is why its one of the recomended solvents to use when making extacts that you plan to ingest

Yes, so whats left is what was not removed in the first place.
Glad to see you don’t get all your information from yoyo sites.

i wash in Acetone 2-3 times, then blow out the bearing with compressed air. works fine, i have been playing a bearing that i did this to for like 4-5 months now, and it is just now starting to show signs of needing cleaned. mind you, nail polish acetone and pure acetone are very different.

nail polish version= smoother spin, but will need to be cleaned more often.
Pure version= slighty less smooth spin, but needs to be cleaned roughly 5x less.

I prefer the pure version GREATLY to the nail polish version in general, but if I am going to a contest/meet i prefer the nail polish version.

Lighter fluid works fine to, but i am getting better results with Acetone.

I completely quit cleaning bearings. I don’t have any problems anymore…

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I kinda like it when a yoyo will sleep for over 2 minutes when you just let it drop.

I’ve never had that experience. I might try it.

I’m with Icthus. I haven’t cleaned a bearing in 3 years, and I haven’t had a problem with a bearing in about 3 years.

Some of my best playing bearings are 6-7 years old and have never been cleaned.

No reason to clean a clean bearing.

I myself have been cleaning a lot of dirty bearings that I’ve received in yoyos received in BST deals and in some lower priced yoyos purchased new from YYE. Once I’ve cleaned them out properly and completely, I haven’t had any further issues. Of course, I’ve only been playing about 15 months so I can’t do the “test of time” some of the rest if you have been able to do because of my lack of time in.

So, I agree with Icthus about not having to clean bearings. My position is “get them clean first” and then the problems go away.

Some skill is required. Kinda like sleep competition. string tension and a bit of tweaking.
All my bearings will do it, the S/C’s can go over 3.

This sounds like a challenge I’m not ready for yet. Nice to have a new goal to set!