Acetone vs mineral spirits

I am a rookie and whenever i have cleaned a bearing i have been using white mineral spirits. Then, i heard about acetone being another good option to clean bearings in. Is there a preferable one or do both do just as good of a job?

I like acetone more it feels cleaner to me

Acetone since it is cleaner and drys quicker. Also cut through dirt/debris like no tomorrow.

Where is the best place to buy acetone?

nail polish remover, just make sure it’s 100% acetone. Most drug stores or target

Im off to target! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

no problem :slight_smile:

There’s ONE type of nail polish remover that MIGHT work as long as they’re not just tricking you with their “100% acetone” label (who knows, maybe that’s the name of the product, not a description of the contents!). I avoid the stuff just in case, since most nail polish removers contain conditioners and such.

I don’t really prefer acetone. I’ve tried both. I continue to use both. Both are fine. Although the fumes of acetone are something you don’t want to be breathing a lot of for a long time, in general I prefer the odor of acetone compared to my mineral spirits, so if I’m indoors (kitchen) it’s acetone. But given an area that I don’t have to worry about smelling up (garage), I actually prefer mineral spirits. I read somewhere that the quick evaporation of acetone could actually be a detriment, and I might have believed it. I always feel just a little happier with bearings I’ve cleaned with mineral spirits.

Walmart has itif that’s closer. Paint and hardware stores, and lowes/home depot places…

My dad works at a glass grid factory and after they paint they use acetone to clean up. So he gets acetone in 55 gallon drums. I get some when I stop by at the shop

There is also lighter fluid.

I get the best results using acetone. That’s what I prefer to use.

DO NOT use nail polish remover acetone, it’s got stuff in there that you don’t want in your bearings.

nail supply stores also sell 100 percent pure acetone.

Oops i already used nail polish acetone before i saw this. Well… time to clean it again! :stuck_out_tongue: Where can i buy acetone that would be appropriate to use on the bearing?

Hardware store, building supply store, paint store…