Help! Sos!

So, I was cleaning my bearing for the first time, and i used acetone nail polish remover. I took it out after 10 minutes, and it spins very slowly and is pretty responsive.

Please help!
Thank you!

Maybe there is something else in finger nail polish remover that is obstructing the spin?

that bearing is?
is not that for the case had the cage that holds the balls of plastic material and the acetone has partially melted?
in that case, and I hope not, it is to be thrown in the trash

Did you remove the shields? Why did you clean it?

I removed the shields, and it was being responsive

You may have a galled ballbearing inside, or you may not have fully cleaned out the contaminate. If it was something sticky it may be hard to get out. If you run your bearings with no lubricated break in, the change of galling a ball is much greater. Same can be said for no lube at all. So check for flat spots on all the balls, but chances are it just needs too be cleaned better, as there doesn’t’ tend to be enough friction to induce galling in yoyos since the string will just slide on the bearing. Nail polish remover isn’t very good. Most of them have perfumes, and coloring in them that can/will be left in the bearing. You may also have a bent cage, (the thing that holds the balls), or if you replaced the shields one may be installed in a way that has it rubbing or it may have been damaged in removal.

Buy pure acetone from the hardware store. It’s cheaper and you are guaranteed to get just acetone

Was it pure acetone? It should say. There are a lot of acetone that comes mixed with other stuff, including water, which is very bad. Also, were there mineral spirits involved? They will slow down the bearing

Sources please! ::slight_smile:

If it’s labelled as acetone, it’s acetone, pure and simple.

And mineral spirits does not slow your bearing down.

I’m probably wrong. Sorry. Well, with my mineral spirits, it slowed down my Pixel bearing. I don’t know. It probably had water in it and that’s what I’m afraid of. And some people might get the acetone from beauty supply areas. Those can be mixed.

As noted above - Buy your acetone at the hardware store. Do not buy at the beauty shop, that is nail polish remover.

Did you dry the bearing after you cleaned it with mineral spirits? Generally blowing it out with compressed air works well. Use the cans available for cleaning computers etc. Short of that, dabbing with the corner of a tissue and blowing on it will work.

Thank you. I’ll try more this time