Household Bearing Cleaning Substance?

My bearing in a yoyo I just recieved sounds kinda sloshy, so I was wondering could you use like nail polish remover or something easily found in a home, or is it just breaking in?

What’d they lube it with? Chances are it’s breaking in, and you should just play with it for a while until it breaks in completely. If it’s not normal by this time next week, give or take a few days, then there’s something wrong. That’s when you’ll need to clean it. As for cleaning substances, Mineral spirits and lighter fluid (NOT stuff found in zippo and bic lighters) work pretty well. I’m not so sure about nail polish remover, as it might leave some unwanted residue.

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If you want to clean out your bearing using household substances, use water and Dawn dishwashing soap and rinse thoroughly. Dawn is known for helping clean off grease and oils.

DO NOT use nail remover. Just don’t.

Lighter fluid, mineral spirits and acetone are readily available in hardware stores, even WalMart.

how do we feel about rubbing alcohol?

also isn’t Acetone the active ingredient in nail polish remover? what sort of negative results does using it cause?

It is.
Though there are alot of other stuff in nail polish remover you dont want in your bearing.
And, if im not mistaken, alot of the new kinds of nail polish removers dont even have acetone in them, but something less harmfull as a replacement

Rubbing alcohol has some added substances that make it less harmful and toxic, and better for use around the house, but it leaves a residue that can clog your bearings.

gotta agree wirh studio. id just not risk it and just buy mineral spirits/paint thinner or lighter fluid (you can buy the stuff at 711) or acetone(not nail polish remover, the pure stuff from osh or home depot or even lowes.)

the nail polish remover has extra additives that tend to gunk up the bearing over time. does work on the short run, but not too well in the long run. (special thanks to studio42, i used nail polish remover and now the bearing i treated seems noisier and slower. plus its dark colored now for some reason! learned my lesson…) rubbing alcohol for me only works for very slightly lubed bearings. its very weak. i used ethyl alcohol FYI.