what to use to clean a bearing??

Can u guys please list the best liquids to clean bearings

i use rubbing alchohol because it doesn’t smell bad and isn’t too bad for you, but lighter fluid or paint thinner are also common

is it anything thats aperantly flammable

well, lighter fluid is flamable (really?!?) and so is paint thinner. the safest thing to use is rubbing alchohol, because paint thinner also will kill brain cells.

Ok thanks

just throwing this out there i use an air compresor

I dont use alcohol, most rubbing alcohols contain water and thats what most people have

If you can get it, isppropal alcohol is perfect it is 99.99% alcohol so it doesn’t have any water in it. I have been using it since I started yoyoing.

Well, 99.99% would mean it’s not 100% alcohol…

Mineral spirits is your best option with lighter fluid a close second. The whole killing brain cells thing: you really won’t have a problem with that unless you’re hoving inches above it inhaling strongly and as long as you aren’t sitting couped up in a little room. Do this in a nice open room and don’t purposely inhale the fumes and you’ll be fine.

Pure water free acetone could work also.

If I use mineral spirits, afterwards how do I dispose it, do I throw it down the drain or do I just leave in the sun it it evaporates?

I’m not sure if you can pour it down the sink or not, but I would highly suggest not trying. You can soak it up in a few paper towels and throw those away, you can dump it down your driveway, or soak it up in paper towels and burn it. That’s what I do, but BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE!!! IF YOU’RE YOUNG, GET A PARENT FIRST! GET A PARENT TO HELP YOU DISPOSE OF IT ANYWAYS!

I don’t dispose of it. I keep it in a sealed container and reuse it.

I find that Lighter Fluid is the best. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden people started recommending rubbing alcohol, which is not a good bearing cleaner. Lighter Fluid is the way to go.

Also let’s you see awesome stuff when it’s not really there.
It’s a trade off.

Does nail polish remover that has acetone works??

I’ve been using Nail Polish remover that is 100% Acetone, and it works fine. Just wash your hands afterward(unless you want your skin to burn) and don’t inhale the fumes.

It turns out that nail polish remover is acetone…

You can use that if you want, but it will only get some of the stuff out just because it is only made to dissolve some things. Mineral spirits will work better.

If you look in the ingredients list and it only says Acetone you can use it.
Usually there’s other stuff in it.