Cleaning yoyo bearing? (with substitutes - merged)


Well there is no place that sells lighter fluid or mineral spirits near home my so are there any subsitutes like i have heard that hydrogen peroxide works or ddishwashing liquid?any tips?


Dish soap will work but you need to rinse it very good and dry it well. Some people use Simple Green. Not sure if that’s available near you. It’s an all purpose cleaner. Brake cleaner or acetone will work too.


go to a shop that sells car stuff, and get some Acetone


He really does live in Lebanon. Far different world than here (or Australia).


So I heard that Instead of using mineral spirits or lighter fluid to clean you bearing you can use windex or dish washing liquid. Is this true? Just thought I should find out before actually trying it.


Nail Polish remover or Rubbing Alcohol works best for me.


Dish washing liquid has mixed results depending on the brand. Some brands, like Dawn, really help get the lubricants out of there as well as also washing away other contaminants. You just have to really rinse that bearing out good and dry it really good. As long as you’re not letting sit around wet, you’ll be fine.

Windex isn’t that great of a lubricant remover. I think 409 might be better, but then you gotta clean it out as well.

Rubbing alcohol isn’t a great solvent for lubricants. It can work though. It’s very watery so you just have to ensure you got it all out, but if you don’t, it’s usually not a big deal as it oven evaporates quickly. I prefer isopropyl alcohol but I use that for cleaning tape deck heads and things of that nature. It’s not even good at removing fingerprints.

Nail polish remover has all sorts of moisturizers in it to counter-act the acetone breaking down the nail polish. Really, you don’t want that in your bearing. I prefer pure acetone, which is what nail polish remover is based on.

Some people have used non-residue electrical contact cleaner. I tried it, it’s OK. Nothing great, but it will work.

I may pick up some Simple Green, which others have used with good results

I mostly use pure acetone because I Dry Play treat my bearings and you need acetone for the final cleaning(well, it helps) and then to help distribute the Dry Play.