Cleaning bearings...

Hey everyone. Really noobish question here, what are some different ways to clean your bearings?

The best ways involve removing the bearing from the yoyo, removing both shields, agitating and soaking in an a solvent, then removing from the solvent, blowing out excess solvent(along with solid contaminants) and then spinning until dry.

There is also a method that involves mineral spirits as the solvent, but adds a step that uses small slips of paper to help remove additional contaminants. The “paper slip” method is not always needed but it’s a good one to know and does work.

Sometimes cleaning needs to be repeated, especially if you’re removing grease from bearings. Sometimes multiple cleanings.

So what kind of cleaning solvent do you use?

A mineral spirits? I have heard that everclear works. Is that true?

I prefer 100% acetone. I also do use mineral spirits but I get better results with acetone.

I am not familiar with EverClear.

One guy was using no-residue electrical contact cleaner, which I have tried. It’s only good if you need a fast, light cleaning of an already fairly clean bearing. At least that was my impressions of it

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