A large mistake!!

I was adding dry lube to my concave bearing and i think i added to much because it wont spin for more than a second i tried to spin it on my throw but now its responsive!! hELP

You need to clean the bearing, deshield the bearing and soak it in mineral spirits/lighter fluid for 10 minutes then spin it on the tip of a pen until all the liquid is out of it. After that add one tiny drop of lube to the bearing and put it back in your throw.

Minor change, he’s using dry lube. With dry lube, you don’t need much at all. Really, you need very little. Here’s a vid from Sniffy(He’s already missed)  which explains it and shows you how to apply it.

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Did you have to share that? sniff

I have often needed to “reset” my bearing during the DryPlay process. Try as I might to put just a little bit, I still sometimes accidentally put too much.

It WILL be crusty for several “thumb flicks” as the lube gets distributed throughout the bearing. Stick with it and it’ll eventually just spin like there’s no tomorrow. If there’s no noticeable improvement after many many flicks, there’s too much and as discussed, you’ll need to clean it again and start from scratch.

(though some people find that distributing a bit of acetone and flicking around without a FULL clean also works; I personally just reset)

Yeah, I have to clean my bearings in acetone quite frequently with this treatment.

Thanks guys now i need to get some acetone to clean it.

Or mineral spirits. Or distilled water, as long as you take care to dry it off right away with some sort of circulating air (ie. don’t let it just sit around in a puddle of distilled water). Or Zippo lighter fluid.

There are a few different liquids you can use. If you do decide to get acetone, don’t get the stuff for fingernail polish as it usually contains “conditioners” and stuff. You can get 99% pure acetone at most hardware stores; some people insist on 100%, but unless you’re getting denatured acetone there isn’t really such thing and there’s no real point being so nutty.

A question:

I don’t have any acetone… Can I just use another solvent?

Here is a post that describes th process pretty well

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Yes it does :).

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Quick question to you guys: can you wash a bearing and dry it with mineral spirits then use it without lubing? Or is that a big no no?

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Yes :). But it will be a little louder than without lube.

Thanks! And is cleaning a spec bearing different than a ball bearing?

Spec is just their name for their flat bearings. Same steps.

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Yes, I am sad to say.

Yes, http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=56076. :’(.