Terrapin bearing


Why is my terrapin x delta cut bearing so noisy out of box?


They are like that. You sacrifice sound because they must be run dry to work properly.


Is there any way that I can make it quieter?


Is it the steel/ceramic, or is it the straight-steel with DryPlay?


It’s just steel


It’s not the dry play one


The steel ones are usually treated with DryPlay. The ceramic ones are not.

I wrote this before you ninja’d me and said there’s no DryPlay, so I’m going to keep it here anyhow :wink: (also, are you SURE there’s no DryPlay? I thought that’s how he sold his steel bearings…):

Could be that the DryPlay hasn’t fully worked itself in yet. That stuff will break in over time and play. Give it some time.

If it doesn’t, and you have access to acetone, try putting just a drop in. Not too much, since you don’t want to clean the DryPlay out of the bearing. Before you put the drop in, “mount” the bearing on a chopstick or something similar, and flick the bearing to distribute the acetone around before it evaporates. Keep flicking for a while and then put it back in the yoyo.

A steel DryPlay treated bearing once broken in should have a smooth metallic hiss to it, not a rattly choppy sound.

If you still get no satisfaction, you could always try cleaning the bearing, but you’d lose the DryPlay. Still seems like a good bearing, DryPlay or not, so if that’s what it takes it’s not the end of the world.


Ok should I lube it or just wait for the dry play to break in


If it is DryPlay treated like most of their steels (you could always write to find out… he’s responsive to inquiries) I would follow my above advice, which does not include lubing. :wink: You do NOT lube DryPlay treated bearings unless you’ve given up on the DryPlay and have cleaned them first.


Would you you recommend giving up on the dry play or keeping it


Just keep it and play it out.


They do supposedly smoothen out later on and will quiet down to a degree, but you’ll never get the same quietness that a lubed bearing can have. Still, once they are smooth and broken in, they’re still pretty quiet and make a pleasing(imo) hissing sound. Your choice.


I also de-shielded it will that change any thing? I just did it for easy cleaning purposes.


Nah. I tend to keep the shields off bearings once they’ve been deshielded. Sometimes I put a shield back on one side just to help identify it if it’s a “special” bearing of some sort. (put a coloured permanent marker dot). I haven’t tended to do that lately, though… fallen into “it’s a bearing, it seems to work” patterns.


When I clean the terrapin, should I use compressed air in order to keep the dry play coating




Any problems with a Terrapin X bearing I will repair or replace it.
PM me for details… Thanks


I gotta say you have very good customer service.


It’s good now but thanks for the offer :slight_smile: