Terrapin dry lube???


Will this work in any bearing or only Terrapins??,


It will work on all bearings. Just a powder that you can put on any bearing, yoyo or non yoyo. (not sure if it would work well.)


Once you get the knack of applying it (hint: have acetone on hand) it’s pretty nifty stuff. It changes the sound of a dry running bearing into more of a hiss, and you can definitely feel an improvement on “flick”.

I don’t like sound of any sort in my bearings, so I ended up going back to oil lube. But I do recommend trying it out if you normally run your bearings dry or don’t care about noise. Not that it’s louder than dry, just different… but it’s certainly louder than oil.


Done properly it will be quiet and spin longer then any other lube…


I’ve seen a lot of information and a lot of videos on applying it but I’d really like some official walk through/info from you John if you have the time, or did I miss it somewhere and you’ve already done so?


It’ll definitely spin longer. It is possibly also considered “quiet” in general, though there’s a metallic “hiss” that accompanies a successful application. Since the language above makes it kind of ambiguous, I’ll make sure it’s clear: it is not quieter than oil.

I say try it. Some people swear by it, and you may, too! It’s not expensive to give’er a go.


I’m not in the mood to go take some Terrapin X bearings vs Dry Play treated bearings, vs other bearings, and then do some qualitative and quantitative audio analysis to see “what is louder”. I find the yoyo itself makes more of a difference in volume than the bearing. I guess if I get bored out my mind sometime in August after Worlds(if I can go, looking unlikely), I might play “test which bearing” after I get my tube pre-amp repaired.

I like how bearings perform with Dry play except my loopers, which I prefer to use liquid lube in.