clyw bear vs man


i just got the bear vs man and its a bit loud i dont really care though just wondering if the yoyo is loud or it has somthing wrong with it???


its just a dry bearing. If you dont like the noise, put a drop of thin lube in it


Play it more and break in the bearing and put a drop of lube in it.


does the dry bearing effect the play


nope… I play all my bearings dry. Some people say that they will lock up after playing them dry for a while, but I’ve been playing some bearings dry for four years without problems


There are many thoughts on the topic:

1: Playing a bearing dry means less friction as even lube will create a tiny amount of friction. It’s true, lube will. However, at the same time, we’re not exerting massive amounts of force onto a yoyo, as say we would with roller skates or inline skates or skateboard bearings.

2: Lube is better as it preserves the bearing a bit more. This is true as well, at the cost of a little bit less spin, because you’re adding lube into a bearing, which will slow it down a tiny bit.

What do I advocate?
Lube. I’d rather protect the bearing. But if you’'re wanting to run dry, there’s a good many people who run their bearings dry and they last for years. Why? Again, not a whole lot of force and weight on the bearing. Plus, bearings are so cheap, well, it’s just as easy to replace them. But still, I advocate lube.

Or, get Terrapin X Bearings, which are designed to run dry. They play great. I don’t know what the treatment is, but they run great.


but if i put lube on the bearing will it eventually spin regular


For lack of a better term, yes.

With new cars and new engines, there is a break-in period. Same with bearings. And when you lube again(maybe a drop a month, maybe not even that much), you’ll have to break in the lube but that won’t take much time at all., maybe 5-10 minutes.


Not really but the difference is negligable. Also note that when you lube your bearing it will go through a cycle.

  1. Unresponsive and good but not perfect spin still good.

  2. Now the bearing is breaking in, it will be super loud and reponsive, and it is important to keep playing the yoyo and not put more lube in the bearing. This is a common mistake and will make the cycle start over again but it won’t play as well.

  3. You played the yoyo a lot and the bearing is at it’s max spintone with lube in it. It is also quieter then a dry bearing.

  4. It has been a while since the last time you lube it and all of the lube has worn out. Time to relive the bearing and repeat the process.

Notes: Step 3 will last a while so don’t worry. It is Important to lube the bearing correctly. To do this take lube and put a small drop on the end of a pin. Now touch the end of the pin to one of the balls of desheilded bearing.


Mine is kinda loud too. Even with a cleaned ten-ball in it.

(WildCat23) #11

I wouldn’t play bearings dry in a humid environment if I were you…

In all seriousness, if you live in a humid place, dry bearings won’t last a year. If your in a relatively dry place, (Like me) than you can play bearings dry for years with no problems.


I live in new england, where it can get extremely humid, and again, I’ve never had any problems with dry bearings


Very few bearings rust these days. Most manufacturers use high quality bearings nowadays.


I would also add that yoyo bearing life is not greatly increased by using lubricants. Actually quite the opposite may be true in the case of yo-yos.

Reviewing manufacturer instructions usually leads you to believe that lubricating regularly is the way to go. But those recommendations are usually for bearings under load. Since a yoyo weighs 60-70 grams the need for lubrication is mitigated (much less) in terms of bearing life. Additionally, most manufacturers apply their own proprietary lubrications that are usually dry (polymer or lacquer based). Adding liquid lubrication may break-down this factory applied lube and decrease bearing life from what it otherwise would have been.

Verdict: Use high-quality bearings and trust the manufacturer to lube them right. Run them dry. No cleaning, NO de-shielding unless you plan to leave them that way. When they get too loud - throw them away and put in new high-quality bearings.


I live in north carolina and it is very humid in the summer…and I am still using my center trac that I put in way before the summer started. Still good.