Bearing trouble (kind of)

I just got my clareview station wooly marmot today ;D and it is the best yoyo I have ever played with. All of a sudden when I was playing with it, the bearing got super loud. It plays exactly the same, except for the noise of the bearing. I think I’ve heard about other people with this problem, and that it is only the bearing breaking in. Is this true?


I like having a loud bearing; people turn to look at me… but if you don’t like it just add a drop of lube.

It’s normal but if it’s itensivley loud and high pitch, you can lube it correctly.

I haven’t had good experiences with lubing my yoyos, so I don’t care about the noise. Other than bearing life, it doesn’t matter if i don’t lube it, right?

Don’t lube then the break in process will have to restart, throw a lot and the noise will disappear.

The bearing will wear out or freeze up faster if you don’t lube it. If you lube it correctly and break it in (takes around 1-2 days), then it’ll be dead unresponsive, maybe smoother, and protect your bearing from wearing out too soon.

But dry is fine too, but doesn’t spin “longer” than broken in lubed bearings as some people may think that way.

i keep my bearings lubed cuz of school.

If it comes dry it will spin longer (what do you think mercury bearings are) and if played dry the bearing will last for years and who keeps the same bearing for that long anyways.

A lubed bearing that is broken in doesn’t spin much shorter than a dry bearing if there’s even a difference at all.

If that’s true then what’s the point of mercury bearings? And bearings come the way they are for a reason. But if you must lube it put some on a pin and touch it to one of the balls or the crack in between the sheild and the part that goes on the seat.

Yeah, I guess the bearings that are supposed to run dry are fine, but I’m just scared that people might think that having a lubed bearing means that the yoyon wont sleep as long and that lube is bad.

I’m scared of lube because i over lubed a bearing a long time a go and even after i cleaned it it is just not the same, this was before I knew of the pin method of course.