Terrafin dry lube?


Probably could have asked before I ordered some; but how would you all rate terrafin dry?


Terrapin(not Terrafin) Dry Play is a powdered material you put inside your bearing then work in using spinning and acetone(you must use acetone). It can be a little tricky to do this the first couple of times, but if you mess up, just clean it out with acetone and start over. A single packet should treat a large number of bearings(more than 50, maybe closer to 200 or more), so you have some to waste and learn with. It only takes a touch of the Dry Play.

I’ve taken a bearing to completely clean, spinning at 28 seconds on a flick, then adding Dry Play and properly working it in and getting the flick to 56 seconds. Too bad it wasn’t my bearing!

A word of warning:
Your bearing will be LOUDER than a lubed bearing, but should be a touch quieter than a dry bearing. It will make a distinct whizzing sound. Depending on the yoyo you put it in, it may or may not be quiet. The shape of the yoyo contributes a lot to the amount of noise.

I also like Terrapin X bearings, especially the wing cut ones.


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It’s rock and roll. I actually need to treat some bearings this weekend.