Im about to buy a yyj thin lube,but their out of stock I just want to know what is the difference between yyf and yyj thin lube and which is more recommended :stuck_out_tongue:


Niether, i would go with OneDrop V4M lube, the better version of both YYF and YYJ thin lube. just lubed up a KK with it earlier, and still dead unresponsive, and QUITE


Any thin viscosity lube will work just fine. And it definitely doesn’t even need to be “yoyo lube”. Sewing machine oil, valve/key oil for woodwind/brass instruments, both cheaper and you will be able to find them in your town.


Thanks guys,I think im going with the onedrop lube :smiley:


Terrapin X’s Dry Play lube is supposed to be the best for your bearing. Studio42 likes it, so it must be good. instead of liquid, it’s incredibly small shavings of a graphite-like compound that lets your bearing spin free of liquid but still be lubed.


I have YYJ thick and thin, plus VM4.

The thing I like about the YYJ lube is the thick and thin are designed to work together. Thin breaks down thick. This makes it good for 2A and getting them set up just right.

Otherwise, VM4, or my choice, being Terrapin X Dry Play. However, VM4 you just go for it. With the Terrapin X, you have to clean out the bearing properly first using the proper materials(acetone). It’s a skill that has to be developed. it’s also an easy skill to master.


Monkey Finger gorrilus lubricus is my fav. all smooth and stuff! it has a darn long break in period though, but its worth it, the bearing becomes absolutely silent. ive tried yyj, yyf, and gorillus lubricus so far. also its supposed to extend the life of the bearing! seems good now.

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i used to swear by YYJ lube when it was the only thing on the market but preferences have since changed because their so many different lubes, I really like to thick lube my bearings then break it in because it gives my yoyos a nice response and jump to them
I mainly use v4m but i also use yyf thin and thick and gorillus lubricus

i usually put a small drop of gorillus lubricus after i clean a bearing and then just relube with other lubes if i see fit , my standard for lubing bearings are as follows
i use v4m on flat bearings
yyf on center tracs and grooved bearings
gorillus lubricus on dead bearings and bearings with little spin time, and after a cleaning


Terrapin X DryPlay bearing lube is not graphite. It is a metallic/polymer mix.
All liquid lube produces drag that increases exponentially with speed.
DryPlay has the same drag at 10,000 rpm as it does at 10, almost none
If you pop the yoyo up while spinning fast the string will not follow the bearing.

Works great on R/C bearings as well.

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Any thin (Literally) lubricant you may find will work. YYJ, YYF, V4M, and Gorrillus Lubricus are all suggested because they are made by yoyo companies. Sewing machine oil or Valve Oil are cheaper and can be found locally.


Sorry, couldn’t remember what it was, so i took a random guess. it kinda looks like pencil graphite shavings.


Try some …PM me…