Will this work?

Ok so i lost my bottle of yyf thin lube which sucks… so i just cleaned a bearing and i put some triflow lube in it. its like really thin and designed for bike chains and breaklines and stuff. it smells strangely of bananas but it isnt the kind of lube that seals the chain its just a wet lube… has anybody else tried it?

I’ve used a variant of triflow in the past and actually in the short term it worked pretty well. Doesn’t work too well over longer time periods though, it seemed not to last too long and so I found myself cleaning and replacing more frequently than I had otherwise done. I’d recommend just running the bearing dry in all honesty. Then you can simply add some lube at a later date.

I have some teflon bike chain lube. I suspect it’s too coarse for a yoyo bearing, but now I’m curious to try it. :smiley: I have plenty of generic 8-ball bearings lying around.

this isnt teflon based. its just wetlube. i use it on my bmx… its a fit trl edition if anyone was wondering.

Yeah I’ve tried Teflon based lube too, really just cause I have all of these things lying around at home and it seemed intriguing. Teflon based lube was not the way forward :frowning: tried a few different types but had little success with any of them. Triflow will be adequate though I’m sure if not ideal. But hey just try it and see, it won’t cause any harm.

i would run it dry but the noise drives me nuts. it sounds like the bearing is getting destroyed… okay. so now i have to buy more lube. v4m, dry play treat, or yyf??

Well, Dry Play can be a bit loud. Depending on the bearing,it might be louder than running dry, but usually it’s a little quieter but not by a whole lot.

Regardless if you prefer YYJ thin lube or YYF thin Performance oil, it’s essentially the same thing. I think VM4 is a bit different, but I don’t know what or why. If you do lube, do so very sparingly.

You also should consider what yoyo this is going in. Some yoyos are just noisy. The YoYoFactory Northstar and Protostar are rather loud, especially the Protostar. The YYJ Trigger is also a noisy yoyo as well.

V4M is most definitely a very different lube than YYJ Thin…a little bird told me so…


I find DryPlay the same loudness as dry, or a bit quieter. However, it also imparts a steely hiss that you may prefer over the dry sound. Or it might be like fingernails on a chalkboard to you.

I use a lubricant for shredders from Office Depot XD

how is v4m lube different? i had yyf thin lube before and it worked alot better than 3 in 1 oil but thats all i had to compare it to.

3 in 1 is rather thick, which is one of the reasons why the YYF thin lube worked better.

Ask db, he helped make it.

3 in 1 is a light mineral oil. YYJ Thin is a synthetic lubricant, and V4M, well, it’s simply a superior low viscosity synthetic lubricant!


so in your opinion v4m lube is superior to yyj thin and yyf thin lube? i want to get some because im a fan of OD but its a bit more expensive than the other stuff. does anybody else think the v4m is superior?

For the most part, I use Dry Play.

In my loopers, I use YYJ thin and thick to dial it in since the thin will break down the thick.

I do have VM4 around. I just rarely find a need for it. Still am glad to have it. I mean, you never know, right?

At $6 vs. $5, price shouldn’t be a consideration. These bottles of lube last for ages!

I’ve used the YYJ Thin and it was a perfectly fine lube. But I gave it away after buying some Gorillus Lubricus. The Gorillus stuff is quite nice, really, but it’s high-viscosity out of the bottle and you have to put an even tinier amount and then break it in. I’ve decided I don’t have time for that… I’ll still keep it and might use it from time to time. But now it’s time for me to try V4M.

Will be ordering some along with my format:C!

You see, Mr Bob never discovered anything because he never tried anything.

He was afraid to ruin his stuff.

Now son, always try new things.

Failure is progress.

It’s not failure if you gain something through the experience. However, failure is just another form of progress. It’s a result. It’s what one does with that result is what’s important.

I tell people to experiment with bearings, rather than making recommendations on “this bearing or that bearing”. I tell people to find how they like to run or treat their bearings, be it lubed, Dry Play or dry. I make countless recommendations for yoyos. I encourage people to try if they can.

When I do sound, I operate in a risk-oriented environment. I put it all out there every time, every show. I’ve done thousands of shows, and each one is a learning experience.

Try. Fail. Succeed. Learn. Grow.

Goofing around with yoyo bearings is low risk. Go have some fun with it!

V4M is $6 for one ounce, the other is $5 for 1/2 ounce. You do the math…!

I’m just sayin’ :slight_smile: