I am going to buy some lube and I am deciding between
-YYJ JamOil YoYo Oil (thin)
-YYF YoYo Performance Oil (long spin)
-One Drop V4M YoYo Bearing Lubricant
Between these which do you think has the best performance.


V4M lube is the only lube I like.

I can use a full drop and the yoyo won’t get responsive at all.

And it makes bearings quiet


YYJ lube makes my yoyos really smooth and quiet as well, though. No responsiveness either. If I’m not mistaken, the YYJ lube comes in a smaller quantity, so it depends if you lube often or less often. There shouldn’t be a huge difference in different lubes.


When I had it, the lube caused much responsiveness.


This. Get the V4M, it’s the best option.


Terrapin X dry lube, on this site.
everything else is just oil…


I think he’s mainly looking to choose between those oils.


Just giving another choice…
perhaps better, if he cares.


I use both terrapin and v4 both really great.
V4 is more easier to use than terra pin. and is good choice of lube. It does its job like queiting down the bearing and extending life. The best liquid lube for yo-yos.
Terra pin has to be applied in a clean bearing with a final rinse in acetone or bearing cleaning solvent after to application. Plus you have to use a really small amount. But spins better.


Yep, I heard that Terrapin is definitely a really good lube. Probably better than oil-based lubes, but I can’t tell, since I never tried it.


But for yoyos, I have terrapin dry and it’s fantastic, if you don’t mind a little noise and something more tedious to apply.


TX dry lube is for real players…