Is lube (yoyo) worth it?

Is lube worth it for my magic yoyo n12 and my soon to be speedaholic? Also which lube should I buy the yyj thin lube or the yyf performance oil or other?

Ps Yes the “(yoyo)” was necessary this is the internet after all

v4m lube from one drop is great stuff.

I haven’t lubed a bearing in 2 years my bearings all work.

It depends on your definition of “worth it”. It’s definitely not necessary.

most bearings that come with yoyos come “dry” a dry bearing means that there is absolutely no lube on or in the bearing. Dry bearings will play the best because they wont have to muscle through the thick lube to spin. So I would not reccomend lube on a yoyo bearing.

Out of thick or thin lube, thin lbe is for 1A, 3A and 5A where as thick lube is for 2A
if thats confusing in simple terms thin lube keeps your yoyo spinning longer and think lube makes it sleep less.

but still. dont lube your beaing unless you have to.

So when should you?
only if it gets dirty or if it gets really old and you feel like its wearing out.
other than that, keep it dry

If you don’t your bearings might become dry and they are loud trust me it is definitely worth it

So I heard that for unresponsive yoyos thin lube helps a lot and 5 bucks really isn’t that bad, so I think I’m gonna go for it. Should I get that one drop lube or the standard yyj lube?

I love both the V4M and the YYJ thin. Get either. The V4M is slightly thinner by my reckoning (haven’t actually scientifically tested the viscousity…) and the bottle is larger for a similar price.

I almost always lube my bearings with a TINY bit of liquid lube. And I mean TINY… helps quiet them down, which has the placebo effect of making me think they’re running smoother, too. :wink: But dry works for thousands of people, so if your ONLY concern is performance, run them dry or with Terrapin X DryPlay.

Alternatively you can go to a music store and ask for valve/key oil. Same stuff. Sewing machine oil works great as well.

Playing bearings dry isn’t good for them. A lot of people will tell you to play your bearings dry, and I suppose if you like all your yoyos to scream at you and start feeling gritty at some point that’s fine. Best plan of action is to put a drop of your thin lube in the brand new bearing and just start playing.

Yoyos put very little stress on the bearing so it takes a long time to wear one down even if it was played with dry, and if your bearing makes a gritty sound, then it needs to be cleaned.

I actully have lots of friends in band who have some valve oil, but I don’t wanna take the risk. I think I’m just gonna buy some of that one drop lube 6 bucks isn’t gonna kill me

i use trumpet valve oil and it works just fine, except it is more thin i believe than yoyo lube

I use thin lube on my 1A throws and thick lube on my 2A and 4A throws i use thick lube to help with regens and stuff like that

if you run the bearings dry it gets super loud and it causes the mettle balls to grind against the outside edge of the bearing witch slowly destroys it so the lube makes bearings last longer and run quieter


A bottle of lube is a one time investment. If you need it, get a bottle and you’ll never really buy another.

I’d just buy the yoyo lube, too, but it’s worth noting that there’s no risk to trying the valve oil. Bearings are metal… if the lube doesn’t work, you clean the bearing and try again with less or with something else. You WILL eventually clean a bearing, and it’s not hard.

don’t do what’s in this video with your lube.

I just watched that video and wow… that was amusing

Yea I’ll make sure not to do what he did. I would clean my yoyos but my mom refuses to buy some (I forgot the chemical but basicly its the chemical version of nail polish, I’ve been told that thats the one to use)

You can clean your bearings in any number of non-dangerous substances.

Absolute worst-case scenario for a paranoid mom? Water with detergent. Then rinse it well, and then dry the living schnutz out of it… air compressor or canned air (the kind you use for “dusting” computer keyboards) will blast out the water in a hurry. There are some additives in the canned air, but nothing that will impede the performance of your bearing, especially if you lightly lube it afterwards.

If you don’t have compressed air, I’d imagine you could put it on a chopstick or other tapered stick and flick-spin it with a hair dryer aimed at it… never tried that (nobody in my household uses a hair dryer so we don’t own one!) but I can’t see how it wouldn’t work.

You don’t need acetone, mineral spirits, or lighter fluid to get the job done.

Yes acetone that’s it. She’s not worried about the chemicals she trusts me about that shes just lazy when it comes to buying stuff I want