Dry vs Lubed Bearings

Well, yesterday my grandparents left on vacation for 3 months. They wanted me to house/dog sit. My Grammy is a very nifty knick knacky type of lady she loves knitting, weaving, sewing, really building anything. Anyways i was in her little room earlier looking for tape and infound some sewing machine lube.

Now I have been throwing for 5 years now. I have always ran my bearings dry. I had put a small drop in a OD ten ball and messed around with it in my PSG, I loved it so much I put it in my avalanche. I like how much easier binding is. Now i can try different kinds if them. Also i like how quiet the bearing sounds. Thumbs up for lubed! But sometimes the string catches and the throw will come back. Just need to break it in. Thoughts? -Sammy.

Hey man, glad to see your still around. I should text you sometime. Anyways, I used to like dry, then I liked lubed, and now I like Terrapin X treated or lubed. It’s all personal preference, and just remember lube needs to break in for like an hour first!

eh, I still like dry better. If I wanted to play responsive, I would be throwing fixed.

I use trumpet valve oil. works great.

I clean them out immediately and run them bone dry from then on.

How long do they last you?

I recently got 6 extra bearings and I was debating experimenting with running a bearing dry for the duration of it’s life, but don’t want to wrecklessly destroy a bearing… Part of me assumes they’d last for quite some time though

I do the same thing as him. I’ve been throwing for about 2 years, and have some throws older than that (3-4 years) with presumably their original bearing. The only bearing I’ve ever had die on me was due to applying too much pressure with pliers. Unless you live within a couple miles of a beach, they’ll last quite some time.

I have bearings that are 6+ years old and never been lubed. Play like a dream.

I run terrapin X lube as well so is that considered dry? I actually clean them in zippo fluid then I clean them with acetone. Never one have had a problem Doing it this way. I just like being able to have a bearing that flick the bearing and get a 10+ second spin lube is good in all but I have enough bearing to be okay if one dies out on me lol

Yea man a lot has happened in the past 2 months for me lol. I got a new number ill turn my old phone on and get your number n shoot ya a text. I still like dry bearings. Ive had a ceramic concave for 4 years now. It held uo through a year of North Carolina humidity. Im just torn, between both lmao.

Honestly, I don’t think you can really kill a bearing running it dry. At least I think it’s safe to say that the life of a bearing being run dry is sufficiently long such that it doesn’t matter if there’s a slight decrease in its lifetime.

The true value of lubing a bearing for me is a very slight improvement in smoothness and a significant decrease in noise.


Yeah I lube my bearings (though not excessively). Pretty much just because I can’t stand the chainsaw noise it makes when it’s dry.
PS it won’t make your throw responsive to put just a little bit in and dry the excess off…

I agree. A big part of it is the smoothness for me, too.

Dry for me. Love the noise since I can gauge the spin time left on my throw. The only bearing that I have had that made A LOT of noise if it wasn’t lubed was a YYF spec, the cbc center trac makes a bit of noise if it isn’t lubed but not enough to cause me any discomfort. Plus I want the most spin time I can get out of my throws, run em dry all day long.

Also I live in NC about 15-20 minutes away from the water but never really had any issues with my bearings dying on me.

I run them with one drop of OneDrop’s V4m Lube.
I think it takes a long time to break in though. Or I just don’t play that much maybe.
Really smooth and spin time is still great.
I like V4m compared to YYJ thin lube.

I have found that using V4M lube with the eye of a #12 sewing needle holds the exact amount of lube that works great for me. The eye size of the #12 holds just right amount of lube when gently touched to a couple of the balls in the bearing. This is the best way I have found to administer a consistent amount of lube to each bearing.

If you find that you would rather have more or less lube, you can simply try a different sized needle.

What a great idea!

dry trifecta bearing all day 8)