I noticed something.

Remember when ALL bearings came lubed and no one was complaining of gritty bearings. Even when they cleaned them the lightly lubed them they all still played good. VERY few people complained about bad bearings unless they were new and it was the throw that was their problem.

Now that almost ALL bearings come dry, it seems that there are more and more threads stating that "my bearing was sleeping for two minutes the day I got it and the next day it’s gritty and only sleeps for a few seconds.

What seems to be wrong with this picture? Well I’m one of those guy’s that will always use lube in their bearing. No matter what the manufacturer says.
Do you think that these “dry” bearings are causing problems?
This isn’t a YYF or YYJ problem. It’s a dry bearing problem of sorts. No yoyo company is at fault here IMO.

Just curious as to see what you guy’s have noticed.

I do see the connection, though I really never have issues with the bearings I keep dry. It’s just our obsession with 100% unresponsive play…

That’s another thing. I don’t see how you think that you can’t have 100% unresponsive play with lube in your bearings. ALL of my bearings have lube int hem and none of them are resopnsive unless I want them to be. I’m talking DEAD unresponsive.

OH and just because you haven’t had problems with it, You must have seen a trend of more bearing problems if you have been yoyoing more than two years.

I’ll pack my bearings with lube and they play completely silent and still pretty unresponsive. They’ll come up with a hard tug, but within a few hours of play they’re unresponsive again. People need to be less afraid of lubing their bearings. Rarely anyone needs 5 minutes of spintime anyway, and lube will only slow it down 2-3 minutes at most.

No, I don’t remember that.

I play mine bone dry, and then I do the paper thing but, even then I occasionally have a problem, It isn’t a problem I can’t fix, just a problem, I feel it is actually more work to keep your bearing dry and clean than it is to keep it lubed. I will do this, I am going to take my Popstar and Thin lube it, play it and see how big of a difference it is with my wife’s Popstar (which might as well be mine >.>) and we will see how long it goes until I need to maintain each, I know it wont be perfect results but results is results is results. I am curious, considering I just recently hit my 1 year mark I wasn’t around to state yay or nay and so I need to see if it is just people are too picky -OR- will I change my ways.

The thing is you need to find your lube preference. How much lube that is.
I like one drop and then break it in. Some say a small drop on a needle tip on a ball in the bearing. You have to find your favorite before you do this test.

Good point, and yet an even better one is, I have 6 deshielded, bone dry bearings all stored in their own baggie inside of my maintenance tackle. I can just keep trying if I don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue: I will have to try this, right now I am actively negotiating with someone but once I am done I am going to give this a whirl.

I meant “our” as in the majority of our community. I should’ve been more clear. I understand that lubed bearings can be unresponsive, I’m just mentioning the common misconception on that subject.

I don’t understand how me yoyoing for less than two years has anything to do with my knowledge on bearings thusfar (If I am misinterpreting this, let me know). I happen to own some bearings that are many years old, that in my ownership, may have never been lubed and they still work fine.

I did the same as you. I wasn’t talking directly to you. The more than two years was remembering before dry bearings were being put into new yo’s. Not how much you know about them. If you weren’t yoyoing more than two years ago then yo won’t remember people not having this problem 3 years ago.

Dear everybody at the NH yoyo meetup,
that is why my bearings are always lubed.


I don’t like dry bearings. because they never stay dry. the next day, with my luck they lock up.

Aha, gotcha :wink:

I have found this in my superstar and dv888

exaggeration much? I lube my bearings becuase I don’t want them to die. kapeesh? I lubed them all before the last meet just to tick you guys off anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I lube my bearings when they start buzzing really loudly. I agree with you Icthus. Lube can save you so much money also.

I just got an aoda that came with a naturally lubed bearing and it is the best bearing that i have ever used…I am definitely pro-lube and just think that the “manufacturers” lube is better…just what I noticed…

That 4XL was his… we traded the second he got there xD so its joeys fault on that one.


I NEVER lube my bearings. They always act weird whenever I do lube them.

You say something?