bearing question.

ok so I’m pretty new to this yoyo thing. and I’m wondering how long my bearings will last? any info would be great. how ever extensive. or if this is already a topic could someone point me in the right direction.


Bearings are a fickle thing. Some of them will last about 10 minutes out of the box (very rare but if you buy enough bearings it does happen), some will last forever with no need for maintenance or cleaning ever (I call these golden geese). For the most part, if you clean your bearings regularly and lube very lightly, they’ll last at least a few years.


If you keep it lightly lubed it will last for years. If you run it dry without lube it will have a considerably shorter life span.

Barring catastrophic user error or receiving one of the very few bearings that happens to seize up, a bearing should last for years. String and response are the only thing that I consider to actually require replacement in a yoyo, and depending on what you’re using for response and how often you throw a specific yoyo, the response can last a loooooooooooooong time too.

thank you guys I had bought a cspec to see the diffrence from a flat bearing and it seized up the first day
. I cleaned it but its been slowing down again so I’m guessing I got a bad bearing.

thanks for the help.