Bearing Life

i would like to ask what is the average lifespan of a ballbearing yoyo by YYJ with lubing and cleaning about once a week.
And also… how often is it recommended to clean the bearing? (is once a week sufficient or to much?)
Oh and how long does 1 O-ring last (YYJ yoyo’s) depending on how much i use, i know… but i mean like… if i use the yoyo one or 2 hours a day. And should i replace the O-ring with YYJ’s silicon set immediately or just keep using the O-ring untill it cant b used anymore? And if i buy the YYJ’s silicone set can i just keep it untill its need or will the time of just storing it damage it in anyway? And same question for bearings… if i buy a spare, and not use it (so just put it somewhere) will it damage the bearing in anyway?
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You do not need to clean a bearing that oftenly, but lube it when you need to, when it starts getting buzzy. If you treat the bearing right, like you said, clean it in proper materials, don’t bend it, use correct lube, etc., that bearing should last you maybe years.

I have one that is about 4 years old and plays like one of my best!

mine wear out in like 3 months… it sucks, but i you never need to replace the O-ring, but i would recommend replacing it with some silicon stickers

This one has never been cleaned though.

If you want it to last long, don’t clean it. If you clean it, it will eventually die.

Just play with it, and lube it every so often (about 5 months for me). If you do it this way, it will last a lifetime.

Iv’e played with a concave for 5 years now…still spinning

well if you lube and clean too often (in this case, a week), the bearing life will be dropped, if you clean and lube very in-often, the bearing life will be dropped too. But if you clean and lube the bearing approximately every month, the bearing should last about 2 years.