cleaning bearing

how often do you guys clean your yoyo bearings?

Not very often. I usually clean bearings before I break them in, then clean and lube them after I’m done breaking them in.

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Ya I agree. If its running fine no need to clean it. If it starts getting g responsive I’ll clean it again and lube it then play. Usually maybe once a month depending on how much you play.

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I find once I have the bearing where I like it, I Terrapin X treat it and put the shields back. Done!

I don’t clean them, I just put another one ;D

I don’t think I’ve cleaned a bearing in 3 - 4 years. Unless something gritty gets in there, there really isn’t a need to clean them at all.

If your bearing is working fine, opening up your yoyo, handling the bearing with your fingers, swirling it around in mineral spirits / lighter fluid / acetone and blowing it dry with compressed air just increases your risk of getting dust or debris in there in the first place.

I clean mine before i put it in a throw. And only when it gets grit in it after that.

yup. same here. clean it first, throw it till it needs cleaning again. other than that i leave the bearing alone.

C bearings-Just like a lot of others gave said. When its new it gets cleaned and then played. When i feel that its broken i will clean it again and than play untils it goes a little responsive.

A bearings- daily!! When i go on a FHZ kick they get cleaned everyday sometimes twice a day. I guess the smaller races and balls have tighter tolerances.

I agree. If nothing’s wrong, I suggest, don’t try to fix it.

If you don’t care about bearing performance do nothing.
“breaking in” a bearing is just a term used to push away all the excess grease and oil that might be in the way.
I get the S/C ceramic ABEC rated bearings dry, no lube, the amount of machining debris and grit that comes out would surprise you.
In normal powered usages it would not matter, yoyos are free spin.
I know you can do any trick with a poor bearing but why stop at one or two?
Or three?