How many Times does a Bearing need to be Cleaned?


I am asking this question because it hasn’t been a long time since I first cleaned my Magic Yoyo N12 Bearing, and it’s starting to be responsive again. I hope that this isn’t going to be a repetitive thing!
Thanks in advance.


If the bearing is cleaned and lubricated properly, it will run properly for a very, very long time. Unless, however, it becomes contaminated with a bit of grit, dust, or any other tiny debris that may find its way in. This debris will make the bearing dirty, and require it to be cleaned again. If you re-shield your bearings, and take time to make sure the bearing seats in the yoyo are clean, you should have no problem.

You’re probably doing something wrong if you have to clean a bearing more than twice a year


Would I have to do it again, then? Or can I just fix the problem by cleaning the bearing seat? My bearing does not have a shield. Thanks for the help

P.S. What can you clean a bearing seat with?


What did you clean it with? Try cleaning again and blow out the solvent. Use the same solvent to wipe down the bearing seat, though I don’t see that as an issue.


Paint Thinner. I double checked to see if it was the string, and it wasn’t.


Just vacuum out the bearing seat area if a bearing needs cleaning. It ensures that there isn’t anything in there that could keep getting into the bearing.

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Do you have cats and like to pet them right before you yoyo?


@Yoyo, thanks! I’ll try that tomorrow.

@MattB, No. No offense, but that made me laugh, I didn’t know if you were being serious or not ::slight_smile:

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I confess to smiling a little while I typed that, but it does make you think about the environment in which you play. I imagine people throwing in a dusty or humid area will have different issues than the guy throwing in a clean room in Silicon Valley.


I rarely clean my bearings anymore. I used to fuss over them nearly every week or so, but now I just say screw it and throw. No issues what-so-ever. Like Soviet Locust said, if they’re clean and dirt free when they go in, you should be fine for a good long while.


zero times.


So I guess that if I do clean it, I have to make sure the bearing seat is clean and etc.


If you decide to leave the bearing unshielded, how long should you expect to go between cleanings?


i usually clean a bearing shortly after i receive it just to be sure its starting out fresh…then lubricate as necessary taking note when its especially loud.


How do you tell the difference between a dry bearing and one that needs to be cleaned? Spin time?


Nearly all my bearings are un-shielded and I clean them almost never unless I get sticker residue in my bearing from response pads. So like once every 5 years of play or so. I have one I have had in a yoyo with no shields since 1998. It still works fine and is the yoyo I teach people how to throw on at my old yoyo club. It was also my main throw from 98 till 2005 with no less then 2 hours a day playing on it. it is unresponsive and I have never cleaned it. I am a custodian and it gets very dirty at work and I don’t change my strings out but maybe once a week. back then even less just when it would snap.


I’m clearly doing something wrong then. After about a week they get noisy and loose spin.


Its more of a noise standpoint as well as some minor performance aspects


Unless you think you have something in there that is sticky try just blowing it out with compressed air. you only need acetone and stuff like that to breakdown oils, or sticky stuff, dirt will just fall out.
It came from back many years ago now, when unresponsive bearing got popular, none of the company sent out yoyos with dry bearings. So to clean them you had to use a solvent or you wouldn’t get that oil/grease out. Now many company’s send out their yoyos with dry bearings. in this case assuming you never lubed there is no lube to clean out.
I actually find it better to run a lubed bearing till it is unresponsive, rather then take the quick route and clean them with solvents. There seems to be some sorta polishing process that go’s on during this time. Most people don’t do this, I guess they just don’t like to wait and don’t like responsive play, which is fine, but you set yourself up for lots of maintenance. also just maintain mine with lube. Which means off and on my yoyo on a very hard throw will respond, but only for a few hours of play right after I add some lube. Which is not very often at all. like a few times a year for my most played yoyo.

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For me mostly responsiveness and or sound, then spin time. When a bearing suddenly goes loud while it’s still unresponsive, I still clean it up. There is a difference between “clean” loud and “dirty” loud.