Yoyo Bearing

My yoyo bearing was running very good with longspin lube… but then it came time to clean it, for it became responsive, so I cleaned it and applied lube. One-two drops of it. But now it is becoming responsive quite often and now I find myself cleaning the bearing once a week. Is this ok? or is there something wrong with the lube? I dont know what is going on with the bearing so is it a good idea to run it dry next time i clean it? Or is it ok to clean it once a week…

I never lube any after cleaning, they spin faster. Also you only need a little bit of lube. Like not a whole drop, just some on a needle then rub the needle on the balls.

Playing dry kills the bearing, lube slows it down a bit with drag but will help to ensure the survival of it overall.

My opinion? Throw um both out and use dry lube, cheap and lasts a long time, Better than both too. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/886/Terrapin-Dry-Lube

You only need one drop, then you need to break it in.

You don’t have to clean your bearing every time it becomes responsive. It’s still in its break in stage if you put 2 drops in.

A Gyroscopic Flop helps break it in.

Why was it time to clean? Sometimes you don’t need to clean if its not dirty or gritty. I haven’t cleaned a bearing in about a month. Also, what did you clean it with? Some solvents will leave residue after drying.
I play dry right after I clean it so I know the problem wouldn’t be the lube if there was to be a problem. If it spins good for a throw or two, then I add lube.

He said 1 to 2 drops if lube, and if anyone says more than a “small” drop, you know it’s going to need to be Re Cleaned and lubed with a TINY drop or no lube at all ;).