How often should I lube my yoyo?


I have an unresponsive yoyo…yoyofactory whip, and im not sure when to put some lube on it. Ive had it for about 3 days. I have yoyojam thin lube and was wondering how often i should clean it. I put about 2 hours of play on it a day. Any thoughts?


Clean it if it starts getting more responsive and sounds like something is in it. Add a tiny drop of thin lube to it after drying the cleaner out of the bearing. Add a tiny drop of lube if it starts screaming as well.

You don’t need to lube just willy-nilly.


I actually prefer not to use lube in any of my yoyos, they just don’t really need it. Lube is supposedly used for preserving the life of a bearing, even though a dry bearing is good for several years. You would put in 1 drop of thin lube right after you clean it, just to make it quiet. There’s really no other purpose. Any amount of lube you put in will make it a little more responsive, so be careful.

tl;dr don’t use it


I’ve found, more than a few times, running dry Center Trac bearings causes them to lock up quickly. Who knows, it may lock up even with lube…

But yes, it, generally, will quiet the bearing a bit, add slight responsiveness and will likely prolong the general life of the bearing. Use sparingly.


I just get confused bc it says less responsive on the bottle…does this really change the play of the yoyo bearing? If not and bearings last years dry…all i need to worry about is cleaning. Noise doesnt bother me toooo much so a drop here and there will work.


Every 5,000 revolutions. ::slight_smile:


Like every time the yoyo spins around all the way lol. I problably hit that like every 5 thows


The unresponsive on the bottle means to use it for unresponsive bearings. It will not simply make your bearing “more” unresponsive every time you put a drop in. It might actually slow it down. Your bearing should be good on lubricant judging from what I have read you have done to it.

After cleaning a bearing, you can put one or two drops of thin lube in your bearing. It can increase it’s life a bit.


Maybe a half a drop once every other month would be more than sufficient.


I’ve run all my bearings dry for over 2 years so far and haven’t had any problems.
If you live somewhere humid though, it’s more likely they’ll rust, in which case you should use ceramic, or just lube your bearings.


if it starts being louder than usual thats when i lube my throws a good way to look at it is every 750-1000 throws lube it