Bearing lube

How often should I lube my bearings. I’ve been lubing it once a day.

That’s way more than needed. I usually lightly lube mine after they are cleaned and that’s about it. I probably clean the bearings once a year, if that. The exception is my bearing loopers, they get a bit of lube regularly. Probably once a week depending on the amount of play.

Lube is good for the bearings, but it tends to make the yoyo responsive, which most people try to avoid. So lube lightly. On the other hand I want my loopers responsive so they get more.

Yep, that’s too much. I usually put a fraction of a drop in after cleaning and leave it. I might add a bit if a bearing is screetchy and I don’t feel like cleaning right away.

Some people run their bearings dry after a good cleaning.

All that lube provides resistance and slows things down.