what will happen if i never lube my yoyos?

Just do not wnat my yoyos breaking on me.

You don’t have to lube your yoyos, lubing just helps response preferences.

Make sure you clean them every once in a while, though, as that DOES matter and effects your bearing life.

The bearing will get shot eventually.

Cleaning doesn’t matter and is not necessary. Lubing is perfectly fine.

they will burst into flames mwahahahahaha

I’ve had ones for about a year and nothing happened but get a little more loud


You don’t really need to clean your bearings but lubing will extend the bearing life. I have old yoyo’s that have never been cleaned and are almost 5 years old. Still fine. I only lube every once in a while too.

Icthus is correct. Running your bearings dry will actually shorten their life.

Oops, I had them flip flopped.

The balls inside the bearing will grind against the bearing shell (is that what its called?) and create so much friction.

Congratulations! Your bearing is now shot!

what if I lube my yoyo but never clean it

It will be perfectly fine, also don’t think you have to lube it every couple days either, over doing it can cause some problems, bearings aren’t supposed to last forever but if you only mess with them every now and again you will have a nice healthy bearing for a good long time.