Can I clean my bearing instead of lubing it?

Hey guys it’s me… Again
So I wanna ask a question
Can I just clean my bearing instead of lubing it and if not how long should that drop of lube last until I have to lube it again??


Usually people clean the bearing and lube it.

Edit - Apology to the OP. I really thought that said can I lube my bearing without cleaning it.


Yes, but the bearing will scream at you. Dry bearings are generally very noisy.


It’s not technically required, and if you’re going for absolute maximum spin time, you want a fully clean bearing. It is also simpler to do cleaning only, as it is easy to mess up thin lube on an unresponsive by putting too much in. If you prefer a noisy bearing you want it totally dry as well.

But if you can, you should thin lube for that sweet sweet smoothness :wink:



So lubed bearing= less speed more smoothness
Cleaned bearing (not lubed)= more speed less smoothness
Did I get that right??
If I did I wanna ask one last question
If I didn’t lube it will that reduce the life of the bearing??

You got it

It is unlikely as these bearings are meant for much tougher uses than a yo-yo… however, if you live in a humid climate I recommend thin lube as things can rust over time.

Sure! I think it’s more safe to lube it thnx!

Also when I get my yo yo it Should be here in about a week when I get it how long should I wait until I have to lube it

I would wait a few days and just play with it … make sure it’s all working properly before messing with anything and the “tweaking” begins :wink:

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Haha thnx m8!