brand new throw

if you get a brand new throw should you lube it just a bit to get the bearing strong for longer?


Bearings come lubed.

If you clean it, then you should want to lube it. Just a little though, some people actually run their bearings dry.

How do you clean them? I have never done it. How does it help?

You can clean them using one of these methods:,871.0.html

It helps because it gets gunk out of bearing so the spin more freely.

i just got my code 2 should i put i tiny drop of lube in thats what im saying

It really depends on your preference. The 10ball is very smooth without lube, but sometimes it’s nice to add some, the code 2 does well with lube being it has so much momentum it doesn’t get responsive - unless you’re using something thick.
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thanks sniffy

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You don’t have to. I personally like to just run mine dry because they will always play faster that way, even if the life is cut slightly. On a $7 bearing, I’m fine with that. It’ll still last years.

The only reason I would ever use lube is if a bearing of mine became really noisy and I wanted to quiet it down.

Either way, on a brand new bearing I’d wait a bit and see what it’s like. If it’s playing really quiet and smooth right now, don’t mess with it. Adding lube will just slow it down and require a break in period before you get your performance back.