better lube

i like to play with my bearings dry… but i also like them to last a very long time. I hate using the YYF lube because it takes a long time to break in and even when broken in the spin time is like half as long as it is dry. Any lube that anyone could recommend that would keep them nice and new feeling? As far as i know the V4M lube and terrapin are the best so im thinking of just buying one of those… but id like a second opinion.

The terrapin and v4m are what I use
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I’ve noticed:p i watch allot of your reviews and even got a markmont next because of you which is now my favorite yoyo :wink:

Oh. That’s cool. Thanks. The MN is definitely a great one.
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I had no issues with the YYJ thin lube. yeah it takes a minute to break in.

I mean its ok… i can probably just deal with it. If i take a needle and apply less than a drops worth it works allot better.

Yup. Better to use LESS than more. You can always add a tiny bit more.