I am looking to replace the bearings on my Genesis and Campfire.

Why replace them? A new bearing isn’t going to make the yo-yo any better.

If I replace them won’t it make the yoyo sleep longer? I also want to replace the bearing on my Plastic Grind Machine 2.

The bearings on yoyofactory yoyos are some of the best imo, and the bearings on clyws are also very good.
As long as the bearings are broke in, they will work great!

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Negative sir. Your throw is the only thing that will make the yoyo sleep longer. This is coming from someone who has come back to flat bearings after playing konkave and center tracs for over a year now.

No, it probably wont make it sleep longer. you could probably just clean your existing bearing and get the effect you’re looking for.
Regardless, I’m kinda on a Terrapin X-Wing bearing kick right now, but out of the choices you provided the only I really dislike is the center-trac.
Konkaves play great and are some of my favorites. 10 balls are smoother but take forever to break in.
If you get the 10 ball, I guarantee you will hate it for the first 3 days but after that, they play very well and are worth the money.

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It won’t sleep any better, or longer. Bearings don’t get better than YYF SPEC Bearings.

Thanks guys! I guess I won’t waste money on more bearings and will spend it on a protege. Are they good?

Yes they are good. Honestly is’t hard to find a bad yoyo these days.


did you mean “it’s” hard to find a bad yoyo? I don’t mean to be all grammery durring summer but it looked like isn’t.

NICE! :smiley: you got me

Proper grammar! Mine broke.