yoyo uprgrades

i want to upgrade my bearing but idk where to buy from or what to get, im limited to online shopping. i need a c size bearing and i want a good one. i want to get into longer unresponsive tricks and my current bearing just wont do.

On this site, hit the “Shop” >> “Accessories” >> " Bearings"

There’s a good selection there for a wide price range.

Well for a budget offering that still performs excellently is the yyf ctx bearing(11$), it’s reliable and long spinning as well as fairly quiet.

My personal favorite bearing is the dif e yo konkave bearing(15$), I feel it’s shape plays the smoothest and is just as reliable as the ctx. It also seems to be a tad quieter and needs lube less often.

You could also look at some of Terrapin’s offerings. They are ceramics in the 20-25$ range that I have only heard good things about. I personally haven’t tried them but they seem to have received good responses from customers.

If you go flat, which I wouldn’t recommend for learning new string tricks, my personal favorite is the OD 10-ball which is butter smooth and extremely quiet.

If you want to go into more high end bearings you could try yyf gold CT(23$) which is manufactured by NSK, one of the most respected companies in the market. However this bearing is probably the longest spinning and quietest but the performance will degrade more quickly than the other options.

i have looked on this websites shop and i like the gold center track bearing that i think said was a YYF product, and was wondering if anyone has any experiences with this bearing they want to share? is it worth the price? thanks for the replies so far, im definitely considering them.

The yyf gold center track is licensed by yyf but made by nsk. I don’t think you’ll regret getting it

The gold center trac is great. Eventually the gold will wear off, but it doesn’t matter… the bearing is still boss.

As mentioned, OEM is NSK, a well-known bearing company. Their concave bearings are already popular elsewhere in the world, and the center trak profile allows them to hit the North American market with a great product.

I’ve been thinking about this lately too.

I haven’t really tested anything but the stock one I got with my first (and until the end of the week) only yoyo.

Is there a consensus about not using flat bearings for string tricks?
It seems that some sort of groove or concave system is preferred now a days.

There are plenty of people who still prefer using flats. Using profiled vs. flat will NOT be the deciding factor in how well you execute a combo, period.

These are all niggly unimportant little differences. If someone snuck in overnight and replaced all my profiled bearings (my personal preference) with flat bearings (don’t think I have a single one installed right now), I would still be able to hit every single combo that I can hit. There might be an extremely minor adjustment period as I get used to precessing more than usual, but that’s about it.

I wouldn’t really worry about it so much. 2 hours of practice will help your combo more than the “perfect” bearing. And it doesn’t cost any extra. :wink:

Thanks! But what is precessing?

Processing maybe?


I have two main yoyos that I use. One has a KK copy, the other has a flat OneDrop. I think the profiled bearings probably let you get away with slightly sloppier throws by keeping them off the walls. But the difference is minor and one might say that the short term benefit for a newbie like me could be a long term loss in terms of not making you perfect your throw.

I have no idea how big the difference would be for a more experienced thrower.

I’m not a great person on bearings; I’m happy using generic flat 8 balls in all my yoyos, but any of the ones people have mentioned here will work well for you.

So then what did you mean by precessing?
All I can think of is to precess down the aisle at a wedding, and that seems like an odd thing to do while yoyoing. :slight_smile:

Call me crazy, but I thought for sure there was this thing called Google! First hits on “precess”, “precession”, and “precessing” are all about the physics concept.

Not sure what you’re talking about at a wedding. There’s a wedding processional…

Wow. I didn’t know that was a word.
I’ll have to use that. I just thought it was a typo.

And yes I was joking about process.

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thanks for all the comments on yoyo bearings they will help me make an informed decision as for the little argument about vocabulary, i dont think this is the thread your looking for.