quick question on bearing break in time

Does break in time differ between bearings?
Im asking because ive had my one drop dingo with their 10 ball bearing for 2 weeks now and have been playing it soilidly for about 5 to 7 hrs a day and it is still responsive, and usually the other yoyo bearings would have been broken in by now.
The responsiveness doesnt bother me I was just curious to see what other people think.

Well I think pure and simple it is the fact that it is a 10ball. Thus meaning it has 10 bearing balls inside, the bearing is still the same size so what is happening is the bearing takes less friction due to the same workload being distributed to 2 extra balls, this makes the bearing not have to work as hard to keep spinning, another side effect of this is the balls do not take as much wear so your 10ball bearing should indeed take longer to break in than an ordinary bearing.


Boo, eh? Alright, Boo… >.>