bearing questions

Ok…lookin at new bearings, im torn between 2

  1. gold bearing
  2. 10 ball one drop bearing

so…heres my questions

  1. can you shim them both?
  2. which lasts longer as in wearability?
  3. they should work in a speedmaker right?

I need a reply quickly!

I say 10ball, plays like heaven after its broken in.

I think they would both last the same

10 ball is great especually when broken in

I hate to change the subject slightly buttttt…
How long does it take to thoroughly break in a 10 ball bearing. I just got a m1 (its amazing) but it has been a week and I play non-stop and it still is responsive. Is there anyway to speed this up. I do not want to clean it. Thanks

It can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Just keep playing. You will be extremely satisfied with the results. Also, responsiveness isnt so bad :wink:

Response it bad when it randomly come flying at your face but other than that your right

ok i got my 10ball and shims :slight_smile: it rox!!! So will it take the 1-3 weeks to break it in now?