10 ball bearing

(Kelvin123) #1

hey i was just wondering what are you guys setup for 10 ball bearings?(Cleaning,lubing etc.)will they rust? And how long does shipping from yyg takes to reach the U.S???


I just break it in. Maybe put a couple drops of YYJ Thin Lube in there and it plays like a beauty.
They also won’t rust and there is no need to clean it.
Just break it in and you’re good to go!

(D@§h!zn!t) #3

Its a nice bearing. But mine took a while to break in. It should ship within 2-4 days.


I use one o my M1 and Skyline, great bearings, nothing plays as smooth as a 10-Ball!

(Shisaki) #5

I clean the bearing, blow it out with compressed air, then add a drop of lube from a needle on the bearing. And the 10 ball is stainless steel so it might rust but its very unlikely.

(Jesse) #6

I just got an M1 today, what should I do to the bearing? I don’t have any thin lube though, so will it just break in?


Eventually , it will break in.

(Jesse) #8

Thanks, about how long will that take? (total hours played with)


Took me about 5 hours, but it could take days.

(Jesse) #10

Mmmkay thanks…I can’t wait for it to be unresponsive. I got this sick blue highlighted string it is so cool looking with the purple M1.


Well, I run my 10-Ball bearing dry so it plays at the best of its abilities. Its a tough bearing so I’m guessing it has 2 more years until it dies.