question about the 10 ball bearing

I bought a new DM and a 10 ball bearing, when I use the 10 ball bearing for the first time, should I clean it or something, or just put it in and break it it ?

its in its best state when you get it, you dont need to clean it when you get it because when it leaves the factory its super clean. also dont let anything get in the bearing because when i siliconed my m1 , when i put the 10 in it faced its death :’(

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same happened to me just clean the bearing REALLY good

Also, note for 10 ball bearings, the break in time is longer than other bearings. Just wanted to let you know.

Yup, no need to overthink things. Just pop it in there and play with it.

One thing - don’t expect the yoyo to be super awesome now. It will be just as awesome as before, with a little bit different feel compared to the stock bearing, but not better because the stock bearing was just as great.